16 Cheap Budget Stocking Stuffers for Female College Students
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16 Cheap Budget Stocking Stuffers for Female College Students

It's hard to pick out cheap budget stocking stuffers for college age females. This list can help you select the best stocking stuffer for your student.

You never get too old to enjoy cheap budget stocking stuffers. College students may try to claim otherwise but their grins and giggles on Christmas morning give them away every time. Why shouldn't they have fun? This writer couldn't help but giggle as she consulted the college students in her life to write this article. Some of these cheap, budget, stocking stuffers for female college students are serious business and others are just plain fun. All are $10 or less.

Read the list. You'll see what we mean.

#1 Cheap budget stocking stuffers or female college students are rechargeable batteries. All those electronics require batteries. These rechargeable batteries protect the environment and the pocketbook. A charger and set of 2 AA and 2AAA rechargeable batteries by Rayovac are $9.97 from Wal-mart.

#2 Cheap budget stocking stuffers are the ever popular gift cards. These can be purchased in almost any denomination. A $5 card (or more) to Starbucks, Panera Bread, a pizza place or Subway are always welcome. They're easily purchased locally or online through the company websites.

#3 When thinking of cheap budget stocking stuffers for female college students be sure to think of funky socks. The brighter and the bolder the better. Look for bright holiday designs or bold geometric prints. Find them in discount retail stores, dollar stores or any department store.

#4 USB Flash drive are needed by everyone. Some stores sell them in bright colors or even in pink. They are the perfect budget stocking stuffer for college females. Look online in stores like Amazon. At the time of this writing they have several USB flash drives in the 4GB size for around $10.00 or less. You can also find them at office supply places or school bookstores.

#5   Munchies and candy is always good. Chocolate topped the list. Godiva is preferred but this writer was assured by a small group of college age girls that Hershey's or another brand would be acceptable as a budget stocking stuffer. Mints, chewing gum, energy bars and trail mix are also good choices.

#6 Office supplies in fun colors make neat budget stocking stuffers for college age females. Staplers, paper clips, sticky note and tape are all good to have. They're also items that kids tend to lose and need to be replaced on a regular basis. The bolder the color or the stranger the pattern the more these little stocking stuffers are liked.

#7 Be sure to include make-up on your list. Lipstick or gloss, eye liners and other make-up items never go out of style. Women of any age enjoy getting new make-up. College kids especially look forward to getting make-up as a cheap budget stocking stuffer. 

#8 Small flashlights come in handy so often. Those little things that roll under the beds in the dorm can be hard to spot. Things always fall to the bottom of backpacks and of course, there is that rare power outage. The flashlights that are at the top of the list for a budget stocking stuffer are the ones in bright colors or wild designs. College females are increasingly environmentally conscious will want hand crank flashlights.

#9 Random fun things like funky Christmas pens, candy and gumball dispensers and squeezable stress balls are sure to bring a smile to a college age female.  Go ahead. Put in the stocking. They'll love it.

#10 School logo items make great little stocking stuffers for college age females. Inexpensive items include cups, pens, caps, notepads or other small items. Buy these at the collegeate bookstore or order online.

#11 The flu season is just around the corner from Christmas. Small packages of cough drops, pain relievers and bandages are often overlooked budget stocking stuffer items. They aren't as fun as some other items on the list but you'll be thanked the minute your college student is under the weather. 

#12 Bath products make good budget stocking stuffers for female college students. Choose from sample size bottles of lotions, gels and creams, face masks and foot rubs. These are fun and practical. Best of all, women of all ages love them!

#14 It's hard to go wrong with holiday Jewelry. Red or green bangle bracelets, jingle bell earrings and Santa Claus pins are fun for the holidays. They're easy to tuck in with everything else.

#15  Perfect for when your female college student needs to read but doesn't want to annoy the roommate. When not on a book these can be clamped on the bed rail to serve as an extra light. Pick these up at any dollar type store.

#16 Don't forget the air horns when you pick out budget stocking stuffers for college age females. Perfect for cheering on the home team! Find these in the sporting goods store or university bookstore. They are sure to delight any student.

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