Container Gift Ideas for a Small Budget
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Container Gift Ideas for a Small Budget

Got a small budget for gifts? Container gifts are the perfect solution.

Giving gifts on a small budget takes some creative thinking, but that may be the best thing that could happen. Instead of running to the store and buying whatever you think the recipient would like, put your head to work to create a custom gift just for that person. You'll feel as if you've given something worthwhile.

Combining several small gifts will stretch a small budget. Wrap each gift individually, then put them all in one gift bag. Baskets or other containers offer many ways to put together a satisfying gift while staying within your budget. The idea is to fill a small to medium size container with things that fit the personality or interests of the recipient.

For everyone from a small child to an elderly parent, gifts can be customized for the perfect fit and stay within a small budget, too. Since you'll be adding several things, none of them have to be expensive but they will all add up to a memorable gift.

Budget gift ideas for a small child: Dress up clothes. Vey easy on your budget, these can be your own that are too small or too big or out of date, or they can be thrift store or garage sale finds. Children love to dress up! Another idea for a small child is homemade clay or play dough. Recipes for these can be found on the internet. recipes for homemade bubble solution and/or homemade poster paints can be easily found on the internet. Let your imagination run with this one. Other ideas that are easy on the budget: Write and print a story, make a jigsaw puzzle pasted on cardboard, or print off tons of coloring pages and buy a big box of crayons.

Budget gift ideas for a teenager: For a girl, if you sew, make purses or bags from salvaged material or find another container and fill it with dollar store cosmetics she can experiment with. For a boy, look for inexpensive pen knives, all in one tools and puzzles. For either, personal "gift certificates" for sleeping in until noon or borrowing the car and so on. Make these fit your own situation and budget.

Other container gift ideas for a small budget:

1. A movie night with a coupon to rent a movie, a box of popcorn and a 2 liter (or coupon for one) soft drink.

2. Spa night (great for wife or daughter). Put in some bubble bath, an inexpensive candle and a special wash cloth or sponge.

3. For the budding chef, a few spices, an appropriate cookbook and a set of potholders.

4. Got a car buff on your list? How about car wax, chamois cloth and chrome polisher?

5. Comfort at home: A pair of slippers made from polar fleece (easy to make and frugal!), a fleece throw and a package of hot chocolate or special coffee or tea.

A small budget will appreciate container gifts that work well for groups or for a family gift, too. Think about what they enjoy or do in their spare time, or use a theme that everyone does, like eating (food mixes, a bowl and a utensil) or driving (license plate holders, driving gloves, maps).

Let this give you ideas on gifts you can give on a small budget, but don't follow my advice to the "T". Let each recipient be your guide and determine to stay within your budget and you can't go wrong.

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Comments (3)

I used to buy prom and bridal gowns at thrift stores. Couple them with high heels, jewelry, makeup and other accoutrement and my daughters and friends had a fabulous time! We have passed that tradition on to our granddaughters! Thanks for the memories.

Don' all kids like to dress up? :)

Hi Pat, Container Gift Ideas for a Small Budget is a very good article with some creative ideas, thanks for sharing!