40 Frugal Christmas Gifts You Can Make Yourself
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40 Frugal Christmas Gifts You Can Make Yourself

When I think of frugal Christmas gifts what comes to mind are things that not only are cost effective, but they are gifts that are useful and will be used by the recipient. The way I see it is if someone cannot or will not use the gift then there is no use in purchasing something. Many of the items below you can make or purchase inexpensively.

• Gift Baskets filled with stuff like food, games, books or anything and everything you think the person may like

• Mason jars filled with goodies (food mixes for desserts or main dishes)

• Decorative small jar filled with goodies (candy like M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Smarties or Runts make a cute gift)

• Cookies, fudge or other candy or bread, which can be put into a nice holiday decorated container

• Fruit and nut basket

• Mug with hot chocolate/marshmallows

• Gift cards

• Gift certificates

• Handmade certificates

• Board game or card game

• Movie(s) with popcorn and candy

• CD of favorite music/band

• Blanket

• Tools

• Emergency kit

• First Aid kit

• Wind chime

• Bird Feeder (especially Humming bird feeders, because many people like to watch them as they come up to eat)

• Plant or flowers

• Bath and body stuff (lotion, spray, gel, deodorant, shave cream, razors)

• Boxed candy

• Boxed gift sets

• Pajamas

• Warm socks

• House shoes/slippers

• Book

• Cookbook

• Recipe cards

• Subscription to a magazine

• Coupon holder for a family that frequently uses coupons

• Candles, reed diffuser or other scented items

• Lip balm(s)

• Collage of photos, photo book or other photo item

• Makeup, nail polish, grooming products

• Humidifier (many people need or want one, especially in Winter)

• Memo board or chalk board

• Movie theater tickets

• Oven mitten / pot holder set

• Jewelry cleaning solution or polishing cloth (for women who have jewelry)

• Batteries (Who can’t use batteries? Especially if you get something else that requires them)

• Sun visor for car (A gift that a lot of people do not have, but could make use of.)

• Stuffed animals

• Knowledge: Teach someone something to help them out in some way.

• Time: Give your time to someone by volunteering to do something for them like wash their car, cook them dinner, and do their shopping, cleaning or other chores.

• Volunteer for Charity: Donate money or time as a gift with a local charity. You could help out in an animal shelter, soup kitchen in a homeless shelter or at a food bank.

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Comments (5)

very good ideas

Excellent article packed full of good ideas. Great job Amanda! Now where are my jars?

Ranked #31 in Gift Ideas

Thanks for the comments! You can find jars at most grocery stores/retail chains or online at this site: http://www.freshpreserving.com/pages/home/258.php?pid=291&product=297

Ranked #82 in Gift Ideas

Hi Amanda, Love your list. My wife loves to bake cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fudge etc and that comes in handy when you have three kids and seven grand kids. Back in the days when I was just knee high to a grasshopper we canned everything from our own peach preserves to pickled herring.

wonder article amanda. Some very good ideas.