How to Wrap A Present
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How to Wrap A Present

With the holidays coming faster and faster, there are more and more presents that need to be wrapped, so this is an explanation of how to do just that.

How to Wrap A Rectangular Present (or a present in a box)

What You'll Need:

- Wrapping Paper

- Scissors

- Tape

- A Present (this one should be pretty obvious)

(The cat's feet aren't required for wrapping a present.)

Step 1 Lay your present on the white side of the wrapping paper (or the side opposite the design, if it isn't white).

Step 2 Fold the edge of your wrapping paper of the present until it touches the paper again on the other side of the present.

Step 3 Cut a little bit away from the point where they touch. I'm a very ragged cutter, so don't worry about it if you are too - we'll fix that later.

Step 4 Keep your present where it is on the paper, but lay the paper back out. For the sides of the present, cut it so that it covers about half of the height of the present. Personally, I like to give myself some room for mistakes, so I go a little over.

Step 5 Cut the edge so that it can cover half the height of the present, as mentioned in step 4.

Step 6 Turn your present over and center it on the paper. It doesn't have to be perfectly in the center, as long as it is straight.

Step 7 Fold the paper over the present. As you can see, mine comes over the edge of the present. If you want to go ahead and tape it that way, it's fine either way, but I don't like to do that.

Step 8 If you don't like to tape your paper to the side of your present, fold the edge. It doesn't have to be straight, as long as it has a clean fold.

Step 9 Fold the paper back up and tape it to the present to keep it held. Before you tape, make sure that the paper is tight against the present, and that there are no loose pieces on this side.

Step 10 Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the other side. Since this is the side that will show, this edge of the paper definitely needs to be folded so that this side looks clean.

Step 11 This is where it starts to get slightly complicated, but bear with me. It doesn't matter which end you do first, but fold the side of the paper inward, and fold the top and the bottom so that they are flat with the paper on the top and the bottom of your present (I know in the picture it doesn't look like the top is folded flat, but it fell before I could take the picture. Don't worry about it if it does that).

Step 12 Do the same thing for the other side, you should end up with a type of triangle on both top and bottom (The top can be tricky to do sometimes, since that's where your pages meet. Just bear with it. If they don't end up perfectly straight, just make sure that the top looks straight, and you'll be okay).

Step 13 Fold the tips of your triangles down, so that your triangles end up with a flat tip (In the picture I turned my present sideways so you could see the folds, and my folds started to spread).

Step 14 Fold your top flat-tipped triangle down, and tape it into place.

Step 15 Repeat with the bottom flat-tipped triangle. Mine don't meet, if yours don't that's alright. If you really want them to meet, you can un-tape the top fold and just unfold it. I'd advise keeping the bottom one folded, though, because it makes it look nicer.

Step 16 Repeat for the other side, and there you go :)

How to Wrap An Odd-Shaped Present

If possible, you should put your odd-shaped present into a box. If not, you can use this trick to wrap it:

Step 1 Start this out as if you were wrapping a rectangular present. You need the same materials, and you need to repeat Steps 1-10 of a rectangular present, but leave the sides about two to three times longer (in the picture I was wrapping my 8-ball, so imagine that under the paper).

Step 2 Bunch one of the ends together at the edge of the present.

Step 3 Twist where you just bunched it up.

Step 4 I didn't have any ribbon, so bear with me. Wrap something around where you just twisted - ribbon works really well. Also, if you run the ribbon between your thumb and the blade of your scissors really fast, it will create a really nice curl (once again I didn't have any ribbon, or I would have taken a picture).

Step 5 Do the same thing for the other side, and then you're done. If you don't want the ends to be that long, you can snip some of it off.

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Very timely and well done. Voted and appreciated.