Kung Fu and Karate Christmas Gift Ideas
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Kung Fu and Karate Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts martial arts kung fu christmas gift ideas karate christmas gift ideas

If you have a budding Bruce Lee in the family and want to give him or her a great Kung Fu related Christmas gift then you have several choices. You could slightly adapt these Christmas gift ideas to suite someone who is a Karate fan or any other type of martial arts.

Collection of Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee films on DVD.

In DVD stores you can find collectors packs of Bruce Lee films, although they are old and out dated, to a Kung Fu fan they are classic and worth studying in detail. Bruce Lee is still thought to have been one of the best, if not the best Kung Fu fighter and Kung Fu fans of all ages will find these films fascinating. For younger martial arts enthusiasts there are the Karate Kid films. Alternatively you have the more recent Jackie Chan who has produced a more humorous style of Kung Fu film. You can also buy Jackie Chan merchandise on his Website. For fans of other martial arts consider getting films with Jon Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Lee or Chuck Norris. For serious Jon Claude Van Damme fans get them a copy of JCVD, a movie which reveals Van Damme as an excellent actor.


Book on the culture of China or Japan, book on how to do martial arts.

For a great martial arts Christmas gift get a coffee table book about the Chinese (for Kung Fu) or Japanese (Karate) culture. Someone who gets enthusiastic about the martial arts inevitably becomes interested in the cultures they represent. A great Christmas gift idea for someone who likes Kung Fu is also a book on the Shaolin Monks who formulated the art of Kung Fu. Another book which would interest a Kung Fu enthusiast is a book about Feng Shui.

 Book or disc set to learn Chinese.

If someone is a Kung Fu fan they will also have started hearing a few words of Chinese, and a perfect Christmas gift would be a kit for learning Chinese (or Japanese if they are into Karate). You can buy sets of CD and books which teach languages as well as getting online courses that teach Chinese – try Livemocha.com. Childbook.com sells books and CD specifically aimed at children wanting to learn Mandarin.

Oriental clothing

Make your way to the local China Town in your city, or buy online Chinese or Japanese apparel. Martial Arts enthusiasts would love to receive Eastern style clothing for Christmas. For girls there are also beautiful hair accessories. On Goodorient.com you can find not only Oriental clothing but a wide range or classic Oriental products.

A Bonsai tree, and instructions on how to keep it.

You can buy a Chinese Bonsai tree from most florists or nurseries. These trees are traditionally from the East, and young Kung Fu and Karate fans will remember Bonsai trees from the Karate Kid films. Try to get a Bonsai tree which comes with instructions on how to care for it.

Chinese traditional games

Mohjong is a traditional Chinese game which you may be able to find in a good toy store. Mahjong is not that easy to master but for Kung Fu enthusiasts it will make an original and interesting Christmas gift. There are other less well known Chinese games like Go and Wei Chi which you may be able to find in China Town or a store specializing in the Orient. You can also buy these games as a Christmas gift online at Mastergames.com.

You could also make up a martial arts gift basket filled with a selection of the items mentioned above. A martial arts gift basket will make the perfect Christmas gift to the next Bruce Lee!

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These are interesting gift ideas, I like all of it Petal, thanks.

nice and cool ideas.I like that. Thanks for sharing this Petal :) v+Ping done