Novel Gift Ideas
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Novel Gift Ideas

A collection of unique gifts for anyone from friends and family to work associates – all available online and affordable.

With Christmas fast approaching any affordable, and sometimes non, gift ideas are welcome to most people. It is satisfying to get away from the books, music, socks and jumpers and venture into a new and undiscovered world of amazing gifts.

This article attempts to set out some novel and different gifts that can be bought online, (always handy), and yet are within most budgets.

Some of you may notice these are gifts from sites I have reviewed, but as I choose only reviews I can feel positive about, this is hardly surprising. It is also useful as you simply click the link of any product you might be interested in and see a review of what they do, what customers say and roughly how much things cost. (Please note that most of the links in the reviews are not correct, but as that is Factoidz administration’s responsibility, (and they have been notified), I can do nothing about it. For that reason I have included links to the sites here.

There is something for family and friends of all ages, colleagues and “the boss”. Some people are easy to buy for, while others want something specific, but there are still many people it is difficult to find gifts for. This is a list of gifts for everyone, and that includes the more difficult section of your acquaintances. Some of the ideas are a bit out-of-the-box, while others tend more towards conventional - but they are all affordable.

Coins and Gold

Coins can be a useful gift for just about anybody. If you give one to a small child, then you can continue to build up their collection over the years and have “ready made gifts” for birthdays and future Christmases. As an adult they may want to keep this and will have a coin collection, but if you choose carefully, they can sell them and help fund college or pay rent or a mortgage. Silver coins start at just over $5 and Golden Eagle Coins have many to choose from.

How about giving your boss a gold bar as a gift. This is unique, and yet can cost $60, which is about the minimum you will spend anyway, and you can give another colleague a silver bar for $35. A present he will not forget and that will increase in value over the years.

With slightly higher prices than Golden Eagle Coins, The National Collector's Mint have more unusual pieces like the “Madonna and Child Gold Dollar” for $90.

Free Legal Music

For music lovers there is a music gift with a difference if you go to Audials One, and you might end up getting yourself one too. A small outlay offers unending free, legal music, but please be aware the laws are constantly changing, so keep checking it is still legal to record from a radio.

They offer different levels, the first being “Tunebite”. To be honest I can not see the need for this as most people who download music already have a device for it, but that is only my opinion.

“Radiotracker”, on the other hand is the best thing to come out since CD were invented. You used to be able to tape music you liked from the radio onto tapes. This was legal as the “radio play” includes any royalties and fees owing. This is still legal, but companies no longer make players that will let you record onto a CD. Radio tracker finds any song or album you want on a radio station and records it for you. You make a wish list and all your favourite music is delivered to you – free. At $39.90 it is only the price of one or maybe two CDs.

Projecting Clocks

Clocks that project the time onto the ceiling are both unusual and useful and Oregon Scientific do along with a variety of weather stations.

The projecting clocks are really useful as you can see the time from anywhere in the room, and unlike many clocks with bright faces, the light from these is non invasive – you are not even aware of it in the room.

The weather stations are not only good, but customisable too.

There is one point of note, Oregon Scientific products tend to be about the best value on the market – but, strangely not necessarily if you buy direct.

Tan Through Clothes

Sun fans, builders, gardeners and anyone who works outdoors in sunny weather will appreciate a T-shirt from Cool Tan. Their clothing lets you get a tan through the clothes while filtering harmful rays, thus eliminating the classic “builders tan” of having only the lower arm tanned and the shoulders and upper arms white. These cost between $40 - $50, but that is not really much more than a normal T-shirt.

Gifts of Distinction

Past Times sells distinctive gifts for men, women and children and all from times gone by.

people hard to buy for. It is difficult to find anything suitable for men that goes beyond socks, ties, jumpers or books. You need look no further than Past times for even the most difficult buy.

This really is the most complete site to buy gifts for men and there is everything from a keyring that is also a whistle, $8, (£5), (“boys toys”), a telescope keyring $8, (£5), a magnifier book mark $9.50, ( £6), a brass sundial compass in a wooden box $29, (£18), to stationary items such as letter racks and openers, pen sets and so much more you need to visit the site to get a good idea pf the range.

The items are from different historical eras and many have hidden “modern” components which gives you the look of an antique with the function of an up-to-date piece of equipment.

Their products are unique to them, so it is unlikely anyone else will have one the same and it means you are probably giving a gift the recipient did not even know existed.

This is a British company and the only difficulty outside of Britain is the shipping as this can be quite expensive, but if you are buying multiple items it works out fine, (and you can stock up for the whole neighbourhood and your place of work here). The prices are in sterling, so check the exchange rate before buying. (My dollar prices are only a rough guide as the rate changes constantly.


A wine club subscription will be thoroughly enjoyed by many people, and Cellars Wine Club is one of the best wine clubs around. If this seems to cost a bit much have a think about joining yourself and using your monthly bottles as gifts. You can have a stock of bottles to take to dinner parties, parties and for your boss – as well as enjoying the odd bottle yourself. These are not the normal bottles you will find in stores, so you get the added advantage of offering something unique and giving a bottle no one knows the price of. Prices start at $19.95 a month for one bottle, and like many stores, gets cheaper with bulk buying; two bottles is $29.95, (making one bottle $14.97) and so on.

Permanent Flowers

Faux flowers brighten up any home, and last and the best around are Jane Seymour Botanicals. They do not need watering and do not shed petals, leaves and pollen. If your boss is a bit of a problem to buy for, why not go for his wife. He will probably be just as pleased, maybe even more so, and you will make her a fan.

They come already in a vase and start from $40, or you could buy a gift certificate and let people choose their own.

Computer Software

If you know anyone who would like a computer programme or software, but can not afford it, try Royal Discount and you may find it at a price no one will believe. They sell many brand names such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Monster Cable Coral, McAfee, and Roxio and in some cases is 30 – 40% cheaper than other sites. If you want the absolute best deal, you just need to shop around a bit to see what is on offer as prices constantly change, but Royal Discount does offer great bargains on many products.

Smart Phone and Tablet Cases

mobile phones are something the majority of people have, but as they get more sophisticated they become more fragile. That is why Otterbox is a good buy. Their cases offer more protection than nearly any other case and although not cheap, they are certainly cheaper than having to replace or repair the phone. An iPhone 4 case starts at about $40 and price varies with the type of case and protection chosen. They also do cases for Smart Phones, eReaders and Tablets.

Luxury, Affordable Cosmetics

Elizabeth Arden cosmetics give anyone a taste of luxury, and yet are much more affordable than you think.

These products come elegantly packages so the person feels pampered and important even before opening them.

The gift section has offers like “LIPSTICK Red Door Color Set - Red Satin Evening Bag Contains: Ceramide Ultra Lipstick: Flame, Ceramide Ultra Lipstick: Sugar, Gold Metallized Shimmer Powder Compact, Kabuki Brush, Red Door Parfum 0.33 fl. Oz”. All this for only $37.50, or “Elizabeth Arden Best of Elizabeth Arden Fragrance Coffret - Green Tea Scent Spray, .5 fl. oz., Red Door Eau de Toilette Spray, .33 fl. oz., Pretty Elizabeth Arden Eau de Parfum Spray, .33 fl. oz., 5th avenue Eau de Parfum Spray, .33 fl. oz. for $27.50.

These prices are simply to show you that Elizabeth Arden is affordable. Yes it is luxurious, but it is also approachable, so why not have a look round the site for inspiration.


Along more traditional lines are cosmetics and it is hard, if not impossible, to beat the prices at Luxury Parlor. You can either buy twice as much for your money, or save money by using this site.

They sell fragrances, make up, skin care products for both men and women – but mainly women.

See also Distinctive Gifts and Stocking Fillers From $10

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I love the Projecting Clock idea, I own a couple of them myself and they do make a great gift idea. I also like the idea of giving software product key cards as gifts and may use that one myself this Christmas since some of the people I will be sending gifts to are over half a continent away. All of your gift suggestions are great ideas for any gift giver.

Good article. We usually give coins to my husband's managers at work for Christmas. Very interesting article.

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