Top 10 Gift Ideas for the School Bus Driver
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Top 10 Gift Ideas for the School Bus Driver

Why should we remember our school bus drivers with gifts? What do school bus drivers need or what? Some great ideas to give to school bus drivers at Christmas or year end.

There are two main times of the year that people give gifts to the school bus driver, these are Christmas and the end of the school year. These are important people, not only does their job have strange hours, but during those hours they transport our children to and from school. Some routes in rural areas are more than one hour long, and must be done twice a day. This is often a noisy job, and one that requires patience, not just with our children, but with other drivers too. School Bus Drivers get very little thanks in return, as most people only think of the teachers, not of the driver who gets the kids to school every day. If your child rides the Yellow School Bus to school, it is time to think of the driver and give them a gift that says more than just “Thank you”.

1.  A Bag of Shade Grown Coffee. Assuming of course that the driver drinks coffee, select something that is special. Not all people enjoy strongly flavored coffee, but may appreciate something they have not had before, organic coffee, or shade grown coffees, are things that a person might not try for themselves but are great as gifts.

2.  Premium Hot Chocolate. If coffee is for the morning before they drive the kids to school, hot chocolate is for the evening after they drive them home.

3.  A Neck or Shoulder Wrap. As you can imagine a school bus driver might suffer from neck or shoulder pain. You can get reusable neck or shoulder wraps, generally these are made of fabric and fill with wheat, barley (or something similar) and can be heated in the microwave before being placed around the neck or over the shoulders.

4.  A Gift Certificate for a Spa Treatment. This is good for any bus driver but particularly for those still driving the old style school buses where the driver has to manually open the door. This causes repetitive strain injuries and a good massage might help with that. Or they might just want to get a facial or manicure.

5.  A Relaxation Basket. This is a simple matter of you selecting a few items and making a basket. Yes, you can buy pre-made ones, but a more clever thing is to do it yourself. Put in a few bath salts, and soy (or beeswax) candles, scented with lavender for relaxation, and away you go!

6.  A Mini Photo Album. Have your child, take pictures of everyone who rides the school bus, put these together in a small photo album and give this as a gift. It might surprise people to now that the bus drivers do remember students even years later when they see them as adults. Having pictures is a nice gift and shows the drivers more thought and planning went into the gift than a trip to the store. Don't forget to include a picture of the driver and bus too!

7.  Nice Gloves. Ask your child to note what their bus driver likes to wear on his, or her, hands in the winter time. Maybe its nothing, but if they like to wear gloves judge the size of their hands and get some really nice gloves to keep their hands toasty warm while driving the bus.

8.  Back Massager. Some bus drivers already have things on the back of their bus seat to help relieve back pain, if not this might be something to consider, just take into account the shape of the bus seat being different to a car seat. You can get hand held massagers for their back, just be sure not to get one that looks like a sex toy and could be misinterpreted!

9.  Something for their Yard. Most school bus drivers live rurally and have a yard. Perhaps they might like a garden ornament or plant. This can be as grand as a fruit tree, or as small as a 6-pack of marigolds (pick yellow to match the bus).

10.  A Thank You Card. If not a gift, the school bus driver should be remembered with a thank you card, perhaps one handmade by your child, and (unless they are obese) include a chocolate bar.

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