Top 10 Gifts Ideas for Wrestling Fans
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Top 10 Gifts Ideas for Wrestling Fans

It's around that time of year either its a birthday or holiday and you need to get a gift for someone who happens to be a wrestling fan. Not a lot of people know what to get wrestling fans, but this list should give you a few ideas.

There are a lot of wrestling fans all around the world, whither you're a WWE fan or a TNA fan. There are plenty of gifts you can get any type of wrestling fan. Like Amanda, She was having a hard time choosing, which wrestling gift to get Rodger for his upcoming birthday.

She thought about what they liked to do together the most and one thing came to mind. They both loved Wrestling. However, the same problem stuck "What do I get him?"

She thought about it and looked through the exact same list and found the perfect gift for him, and he loved it. If you are having the same problem as Amanda, then this list can help.

1. WWE Action Figures

Each WWE action figure is about 6" tall and is made to look almost like the real thing. You can collect all your favorite WWE superstars and even recreate your favorite matches or create new ones.

2. TNA Action Figures

Each TNA action figure stands about 6" tall and are made to look like the real thing. You can collect all your favorite TNA wrestlers and even recreate your favorite matches or create new ones.


There are tons of WWE DVD to choose from. From Pay Per View matches like wrestle mania or survivor series. Or maybe they want a DVD of the TV episodes from Raw or Smack down. They can even have DVD highlighting their favorite wrestler's best matches.


There are lots of TNA DVD to choose from, Like live TNA taping or even live events like Bound For Glory or Slammiversary.

5. Tickets To WWE Live Event

There are tons of WWE events that you can buy tickets to, But the best one would be a Pay Per View event. Try for one close to you, maybe in your state or event the next state over would do. If you can't find one that's close try for a live taping show, it could be either Raw or Smack Down.

6. Tickets To TNA Live Event

Now if your friend or family member like TNA, then getting them tickets to a live event would be awesome. It could be to one of the many Pay Per View events or to the Impact show its self.

7. TNA/WWE T Shirts

Now giving a T-shirt by its self is a pretty lame gift but as an addition it's great. Give them a T-shirt of their favorite TNA or WWE wrestler in addition to another gift.

8. Ticket To A Live Appearance.

Maybe you can't get them a ticket to a live event. The best and probably greatest thing is a ticket to see their favorite wrestler live and in person. You can log on to their website to see what superstar will be where and buy a ticket.

9. Wrestlers Auto Biography Books

Now an auto biography book has a lot of stuff the DVD may not cover or has missed. If your friend or family member likes to read, then you can pick a book based on their favorite wrestler.

10. Wrestlers Auto Biography DVD

Now what if they don't like to read, then you buy, then the DVD. Even though the DVD may not ever every thing about the wrestler it will highlight their best matches and some other things.

So wither the gift is for a friend, a family member of even yourself, these are just some of the gifts you can give and even receive.

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